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A remembering,

Of the places I long to return to,

If I could.




The touchstones of a good life.

Yet in that remembering,

Brings the moments that invite an ache.

The letting go,

The longing for that yesterday.


Flashes of pain.

It is the losing that feeds this,

The moments that were forgotten -

Even before they could be felt.

Time spent already in the next moment,

Forgetting what I had to do,

Be here now.

Instead I was pulled,

Into distraction,

Answering the call of a tomorrow,

Forgetting that which was right in front of me.

An apology,

From my heart to yesterday -

I loved you then,

But I forgot,

I forgot to remind you.

In the believing of tomorrow.

And in this moment,

The one that reminds,

Be here now -

Is courted by the heart,

Singing to you through her smile,

Whispering of all the ways you are so loved.

In this moment,

You arrive,

And you too remember,

That all we have is this moment,

No yesterday that informs.

No tomorrow that promises.

And in the arriving,

To this exact moment,

A falling away of all that was before,

And all that comes next.

In this very moment,

Only love,



The perfection of your eyes,

The perfection of this moment,

Unfolds your holding,

And for this moment,

Love is all there is,

Love is all,

Just simply love.

Julia Stolk ©

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