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Rediscovering the Sacred in Our Lives: A Journey Back to the Present

In the midst of our busy lives, it often feels as though time slips away unnoticed, stolen by the numerous distractions that surround us. As we navigate our daily challenges, we find ourselves yearning for a return to living wholly sacred lives – lives grounded in the present moment. But how do we achieve this when the demands of the past and the uncertainties of the future weigh heavily on our minds? How do we call back these moments that seem stolen and willingly turn toward home, that place which holds both the scars of yesterday and the anxieties of tomorrow?

Embarking on the Journey of Wholeness:

Returning to a life that is wholly sacred is an invitation to rediscover the essence of our being. It calls us to make a conscious effort to reclaim the moments that may have slipped away and gently shift our attention back to the present. The first step in this transformative journey is recognizing the distractions that pull us away from the now and understanding their impact on our overall well-being.

Facing the Past:

The path to a sacred life involves an encounter with our past – a gentle acknowledgement of both the held and remembered sufferings that shape our present. Healing begins when we meet the readiness to meet these wounds, allowing ourselves the grace to process and release the hurts we carry. It's through acknowledging the past that we can hope to stand firm in the present, free from that which binds us to the old.

Embracing the Present:

Yet, how do we stand in the present when uncertainties surround us? How do we, with kindness, turn towards home - that place of serenity and authenticity - when anxiety about tomorrow lingers? The key lies in embracing the present moment with open arms, accepting it as a canvas upon which we paint our experiences, both joyful and challenging.

Mindful Practices:

To return to living wholly sacred lives, we are invited to engage in mindful practices that anchor us in the present. Meditation, deep breathing, inquiry and somatic practices are gentle tools that help us cultivate awareness and gratitude for the current moment. These practices can serve as a bridge between our past and our future, guiding us towards a more balanced and centered existence.

Reclaiming Time:

Reclaiming time is a compassionate journey that requires a conscious effort to prioritize what truly matters. It involves gently setting boundaries, acknowledging the impact of constant distractions, and making intentional choices that align with our values. In doing so, we take gentle steps toward freeing ourselves from the grip of the past and the anxieties of the future.


The journey back to living a wholly sacred life is filled with compassion, while acknowledging the challenges it brings. It invites us to commit to mindfully and willingly meet the past while embracing the present moment with tenderness. Through reclaiming stolen time and gently redirecting our focus, we gradually turn towards home – that sacred place within ourselves where healing awaits. In doing so, we rediscover the richness of life, free from the burdens that have held us back for far too long.

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