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The Invitation of Grief...

I’m waking very connected to the grief of loss. Today marks the one-year anniversary of a friend, and a very loved partner to my Father. It is a year that reminds me of the painful losses that found me in 2022 - 5 in total. Grief has no timeline. Grief has no marker for almost there. It simply asks that each moment it peaks through your heart - pause, invite a deeper breath, and pause again. Grief is timeless. And yes sometimes cruel. The pain of that physical self one can no longer reach for; there is an emptiness, an aloneness that cries out for just one more touch, one more smile, one more I’m sorry, one more I love you. And in this I am reminded, that right here, right now, I have you, in a form that I can touch. So I say I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you and I love you!

And maybe it’s Beltane - the return of the light that invites a sense of lift. Life is a heavy load to carry - in fact it is the weight each one of us bears on our physical self. And yet there is so much that supports us that we forget to notice, that our ancestors eventually were told not to remember. But we are supported. Nature in its simplicity, offers so much for our lives, and yet we somehow forget - we believe we are alone. We have never been more together. The song bird says hey listen, we’re here, but it falls on an ear that has long forgotten its own song . The breeze soothes as it gently touches a cheek that has long forgotten its own texture. The sun reaches across epic miles to a body that has long forgotten its own inner light. The landscape paints through many mediums to meet eyes that have long forgotten their own beauty. And I smile, remembering that I too can hear, feel, see and be a light. I am remember we all can remember.

So I offer this prayer with love and many blessings for each the awakening of our remembering, We Can Choose...

May you step into each moment with great gratitude of the remembering that you are whole and have always been. May you remember there is only grace that meets our next step. May you be free to dream. May you know love’s light is the strongest most durable impenetrable force there is. May your fears melt like chocolate in the heat of the midday sun. May you know the heights of an eagles soaring. May you know the wide views afforded from a mountains peak. May you know the limitless bounds that are whispered from the universe in its knowing there is no edge. May you know you are anything and everything, a part and a sum. May you know that in this moment you can choose, you can choose, you can choose.

With love, Julia

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