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Inquiry & Somatic Wednesday...

The Practice of Recognition

You have been working so hard for too long! Too long without a break, and far too long without the recognition that your mind and body need. The kind of recognition that says, “Hey, I see you! Come on in! Put your feet up! Let me get you a cuppa! Stay awhile, there’s nowhere to go, but here! You deserve a little rest and recognition!”

What if you could have the experience of that type of recognition? How would your system respond? How would your mind and body think and feel? Would you hear the thought, “I had no idea how tired I was?” or “I can’t stop now, there’s too much to do” or “What are people going to think?” or “Who am I to deserve this?”. These are one of many thoughts that might arise if invited in for a moment of recognition.

And what does your body say when offered a pause, if even for a few moments? Is there a noticing of feeling braced? Holding? Already preparing for the next moment of action? A tightness in your belly? A nervous energy that feels like you are plugged in? Or is there a noticing of the shoulders around the ears? The muscles of the body tight?

Today, and daily for the next week, I invite you to practice a few moments of self-recognition. What would it be like, feel like, to experience a little recognition in your day, every day? Well, let’s explore! It’s a simple as taking a few moments and using the following prompts. You can do this at work at your desk, you can do it while walking, and if you can, you can do it with your feet up with a warm cup of tea beside you.


  1. Acknowledge to yourself, that you are going to take the next few moments for a recognition practice.

  2. Take 5-10 deep breaths, really taking notice of the path of air as it enters the body, where it lands in the body – chest, diaphragm, belly – and then as it moves back out. This is invitation to help you, your mind and body, to arrive to this moment.

  3. Next notice any thoughts, feelings or sensations you are having in this moment. Just allowing them to be there without any need to label or interpret, just naming. For example, notice a thought, and see if you can let it be without following it. Or notice, my shoulders hurt, but do not interpret why or label as good or bad, just notice. The invitation in this moment, is just notice what is present for you in this moment of pause.

  4. Then the invitation is to give yourself 3 recognition moments. The recognition might look like: “Wow body! You have been holding a lot”, “Wow mind! You have had a lot to process lately” or “Wow self! Thank you for how much you take care of me!” Be creative, be generous, be loving, be kind, be compassionate.

  5. Allow that recognition to seep in for a few breathes using your breath. Take a few more breaths before you bring your attention back in to the presence, and maybe, you might even find yourself feeling a little lighter, more settled and more loved.

Remember to practice this daily for a few moments every day for the next week, and just notice how your mind and body respond to a little recognition. Because you are worth it! You matter! You are needed! And you are loved!

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