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Come home...

The tenderness with which I could hold myself

Is stolen by the one who seeks control

The one who needs safety at all cost

The one unwilling to look behind the veil -

Certain that all the world’s darkness resides there.

But this one steals from me

Steals my peace,

Steals my openness, my vulnerability

Steals my willingness to allow me to show up…

As me.

Oh you, who have the desire for control,

Are you willing for one moment -

To sit behind your wall

And just risk a glance through the crack that I have lovingly placed there

Knowing that one day you’d accept my invitation?

Are you willing to just look?

Are you able to risk that maybe you are not right?

That there is love and lightness amidst the darkness,

If only fleeting through your crack in the wall.

Is it possible that even greater safety is in that willingness?

That the whole is so much greater than its parts?

Come look!

Look through that crack and witness

What you have been hiding from all along

It’s you,

Waiting for you to come home!

Julia Stolk (c)

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