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Meeting You in the Space of the Heart



Your heart knows the way.  Run in that direction. - Rumi

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Intuitive Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing technique developed in Japan where the practitioner acts as the channel for the life energy that flows through all living things. As an Usui Reiki Master, I understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others. It is believed that a person’s “ki” or energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person’s body and mind is in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance.  

Intuitive Reiki includes messages and wisdom passed through the channel from the client, Reiki guides or spirit.

A Reiki session, whether in person or through distance, can help support and open the body to its own innate wisdom for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.  

Sessions - $45 for 30 minutes; $75 for 60 minutes; $45 for distance reiki healing

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Living Inquiry Facilitation

Life has a way of showing up in the form of challenges and difficulties, in a way that can leave us feeling uncomfortable and unsettled - like all life is simply a series of unfortunate events.  What if we could just rest with those uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations?  What if we could find our innate capacity to be okay, even when we don’t feel ok?  This is the invitation - to drop in, rest, and explore the possibility of being ok and to build capacity to reside with all that arises  -from the space of the heart. 

In sessions, using an approach of mindful awareness, curiosity, and compassionate presence, we learn to look and feel deeply into what we are experiencing; we can discover what previously remained hidden or unconscious, allowing whatever arises within our experience to be fully welcomed. By asking a few simple questions and using our capacity to notice, we increase our awareness of thoughts and sensations, inviting us to come to know and trust in an embodied way that presence itself includes everything:  pain, suffering, pleasure and joy.

Sessions - $85-$115 sliding scale fee 

Sessions are 90 minutes in duration.  

All sessions are done via Zoom, Skype, or Phone.  

The Living Inquiries have been developed by Scott Kiloby, Colette Kelso, Fiona Robertson, Julianne Eanniello, Lisa Meuser and other Senior Facilitators.

Healing Stones

Holding Space

Having worked as a Registered Midwife for over a decade, I had the privilege of sharing the journey of pregnancy, birth and the newborn period with hundreds of families in Victoria.  Unfortunately, not all of our journeys are easy, some marked by difficult pregnancies, difficult births and even difficult transitions to parenthood.  Let me hold space for you to heal those places and come back to the heart of your family.

Sessions - 60 minute session $55-$85 sliding scale fee

Twisted Circle

Women's Sharing Circles and Ritual

Sharing Circles, also known as Talking Circles, are based on sacred tradition.  In a Sharing Circle, each one is equal and each one belongs. Participants in a Sharing Circle learn to listen and respect the views of others. The intention is to open hearts to understand and connect with one another. 

The Sharing Circle begins with a guided meditation, followed by the opening of the space to share about your experience with others in the circle.  Each circle is uniquely created based on the intentions and goals of the group.

Please contact me to explore ways of meeting in circle together. 


I am sending you healing energy right now, for every area of your life!



Women's Sharing Circle

A Time to Arrive to the Heart of Presence

Circle One starts on January 25th 2021 9am PST

Circle Two starts on February 3rd  2021 4pm PST

There will be 2 circle offerings.  Each circle participant will have a 30 minute one-to-one meeting with Julia to become acquainted with the mindfulness practice we will be using in the circles.  The circles will run for 6 consecutive weeks, each for 90 minutes, and the one-to-one’s will take place the week prior to the first circle gathering.  Each circle will have a maximum of 6 participants, and each participant is asked to commit to the 6 week sharing circle cycle.

Investment – $100-$125. Sliding scale available

Matrix Integration

An Online Ten-Month Exploration

Join Lisa Meuser and I in a ten-month exploration to meet the places that are holding the wounds of our yesterday and those places that are looking externally for the love we have always needed and wanted while slowly developing a trust in something larger than oneself as we walk toward the possibility of living and loving from a place of embodiment.

Matrix Integration is a modality that Lisa has been using with clients over the past 10 years.  Although she says she created it, she also says it doesn’t really feel right to claim it as hers, it is a vision that she was gifted: one day she was exploring with someone, and it was like she’d been given a key to a greater understanding of what it is to be human.  She knew she had connected to something profound.

Matrix Integration moves from the understanding that the pain inside ourselves desires and requires Love, as opposed to fixing. MI gently moves attention away from fault and blame, instead including the contextual dynamics of life. People are met where they are. Agendas are dropped, and instead we move from curiosity, beginner’s mind, and Presence. As we learn, we transform. MI has changed the lives of hundreds of clients, and we are excited to know it will change yours.

Who is This For, and Who Will benefit?  This Exploration is most suited for the change agents of the world who are looking for something different than another “training” to add to their resume. This is designed for those who are looking to journey through that which keeps them from stepping more fully into their own life’s purpose; therapists/healers/coaches/facilitators/social workers/nurses/body workers/social justice advocates who keep running into limitations and blockages with themselves and/or their clients; those who want to understand how being aware of the matrix of culture (including attachment theory) is necessary for true compassion and evolution; individuals who are looking to deepen their relationship with Love/God, compassion and well-being; people who have lost or have never had a sense of hope or trust in something larger than themselves;  those who find themselves burning out, or who wind up in trauma-bonding predicaments; individuals who are wanting to develop more internal resourcing, agency, and the ability to be comfortable and compassionate with the rich terrain of being human. Not only will you personally evolve through this Exploration, but so will those you interact with.

Together we will engage in a conscious focus on learning how to listen at the level of both the Wise Mind and the Compassionate Being. Participating in the art of slowing down will pave the way. Listening from the Being will allow you to perceive the places where oppression lives, and the places where love is needed. Over time trust in something larger than oneself will slowly develop and be Known, and then lived from in an embodied way.

This is the heart of Matrix Integration: Discovering, Knowing and Living/Loving from Presence. All is held within this field of possibility.

This will be a limited engagement, beginning at the end of January. Please contact me or Lisa LLMEUSER@ME.COM ASAP to let us know of your interest and/or to request an application.

Investment:  We utilize a sliding scale option, based on what you can afford.  $3,500-$3,900. Those who pay the full rate will allow the opportunity for scholarships.  We require a $500 deposit. Payment arrangements can be set up. 


About Me

I have been a practicing Healer and Health Care Provider since 1993, and am committed to holding space for you, welcoming you home to your own heart!  Helping you navigate back to this present moment and to the space that holds you exactly as you are!  A reminding of the perfection that is you! 

I am so glad you are here!

My own journey to this present moment, an initiation that began over 30 years ago, has not been easy, but I am so grateful to the gift of grace that brought me here.  My 20’s was the initiation to self, a journey of exploration, play and travel, of leadership in the non-profit sector,  the  beginning of my studies in meditation and alternative and energy health practices and the meeting of my husband.  My 30’s was the initiation into motherhood, a journey and exploration of unconditional love and the initiation into career as a Registered Midwife.  My 40’s begin as the initiation to the ego’s expression of my best life which took a 180 degree turn in my mid 40’s to the initiation into an incredibly dark period of time after a car accident literally stopped me in my tracks.  This was the initiation and the invitation to come back to Self, a journey to finding my true heart’s purpose.

I am so grateful for these journeys, graciously and not so graciously inviting me to the opportunity to do my own work, to develop my capacity to sit and hold space for you.

I am currently a non-practicing Registered Midwife, Certified Living Inquiry Facilitator, Certified Usui Reiki Master, and intuitive healer.   I continue to follow my heart and my love and dedication to learning.  At present, I am dedicated to my practice and study of mindfulness, the Foundation of Shamanic Studies with Shaman Alison Skelton, my practice of Breathwork with Numa Somatics, and my continued studies in Reiki, Living Inquiry, creating ritual and holding space.  I am a proud momma to two beautiful children who serve as my greatest teachers, and committed partner to my husband of 21 years.



“I've known Julia for what seems like a lifetime now, even though it's only been 18 months. She has been the person I go to when my nervous system has needed to settle; when I am fearful, anxious, sad, or alone. She's also been the person I go to when I need to share something I'm excited about; when I'm happy, joyful, at peace, or simply neutral. She's been able to hold it all. Whatever has come up in me, she's been able to meet it just as it is, with loving kindness and open arms.

​I could talk for a long time about Julia's admirable qualities, but I think it suffice to say that, among other things, she is a deep listener, an insightful, caring and loving human being, a wise counsellor, and the sort of comrade you want by your side in battle; the ideal companion on a long, dangerous journey; a level-headed leader in times of extreme crisis; and a comforting friend, sitting next to you at the end of your hardest challenges, as you reflect on your experiences in life and survey the terrain you've just crossed. I couldn't have asked for a better blessing in my life.”

P. G.

“Julia is someone you want to work with, whatever has shown up on your path. I don’t know anyone with higher professional standards and greater integrity. She is compassionate, honest, intelligent, trustworthy, loving, hard working, and a person that sincerely lives her truth and walks the talk.  Her extensive education and diverse experience has given Julia the knowledge and tools to work with many different kinds of people.  She is authentic and enthusiastic, drawing on learning from her own life challenges and accomplishments.  She has a knack for seeing possibilities. 

Julia has been such a tremendous help to me in my life for many years.  Her wise, calm, thoughtful counsel and her healing practice has helped me through many challenges at home and at work, supporting me with her positive nature and outlook. Skillfully balancing talking, contemplation, and action- Julia is a person with exceptional skills and healing gifts and I highly recommend working with her!”

T. K.

To sit with Julia is to be in the presence of a certain ripeness that only comes with a lifetime of honest searching, devoted study, and deep inner work.

Julia's steady presence holds a safe place where it is absolutely okay to release and receive.  Whether with Reiki or in a Living Inquiry session, Julia flows easily with what is asking for healing.  She has an uncanny ability to put a kind hand on exactly what is present, to generously soothe, and to gently awaken our presence to that which needs our attention.  Julia is a beautiful human, a wise guide, and a gifted healer with much to offer.

T. C.

“Julia is a truly gifted facilitator.  She has helped me transform pain that led me to self-sabotage for years, and now I am free of that.  Her clear insights have allowed me to see things I’ve been blind to for most of my life.  Her calm presence has enabled me to sit with feelings that I thought I couldn’t bear, only to discover the freedom they contained when I gave them space.  Thank you Julia!”

A. B.


Contact Me

Feel free to contact me to set up a free introductory session of 30 minutes.

For those who need financial assistance, please contact me directly.


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