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Female barefoot feet on dry grass standing in a circle with glasses of wine in the middle.


Beginners Journey Through the Chakras

Starts Wednesday, November 1, 2024 through to February 7, 2025 at 6:30pm


Take an integrated healing journey through the mind and body. Starting at the first chakra, we will work our way through to the seventh chakra allowing time to journey, dialogue and discover, and integrate. Course will have an alternating schedule – week one of each new chakra will be in person from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, and week two of that chakra will be an online check in from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Suggested exchange $444. Sliding scale and payment plans available. Recommended, but not required book “The Sevenfold Journey”: Anodea Judith & Selene Vega


Course includes: *meditation *journey work *creation and practicing of ritual *journal exercises *creation of altar *movement


Monday Sacred Sisters Circle In Person

An Invitation to Your Beautiful Heart Self!

Next Circle starts June 17th, 2024


Are you wanting to connect with heart-centred women where you can be held and witnessed, where you can be seen and heard? Where you can remember your voice matters? Remember you matter!

Are you wanting to connect with women who sing together?  Dance together? Walk in ritual and ceremony together?


The Women's Wisdom Circle begins with a guided meditation, then the choosing and reading of an oracle card, followed by the opening of the space to share about your present moment experience while being held in a circle of compassionate witnessing taught and modelled in the space of the Circle. Each circle is uniquely created as we explore an invitation to be present to our individually unique truths, vulnerabilities and strengths in a sacredly held container.

The circles will run for 6 consecutive weeks, each for 2 hours. Each circle will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants, and each participant is asked to commit to the 6 week sharing circle cycle. 


Past Circle Participant

"I realized yesterday how much it mattered to me to have one safe place and safe time to speak. I didn't even realize how deeply i felt until the feelings hit me in group. I knew i felt safe with you, that you were one safe person and place in my life, but i have also come to care deeply for and feel safe with the other women. It feels like we all have each others' best interests at heart and that there is no judgement at all for being ourselves, and that is an incredibly sacred thing. The fact you share your vulnerable self too is a gift, because in the end we are all then simply authentic, real, deeply beautiful and vulnerable women sharing a journey." NS

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