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We Can Not Love Unconditionally from the Source of Identity...

We can not love unconditionally from the source of identity -

The identity can only love itself,

Protect itself,

And that protecting is 100% perfection in it’s doing to survive!

But the source of that love we all seek, is with the divine!

Joining with conscious awareness to truly know love.

Allowing all that the human identity contains in its suffering.

It maintains it’s separation,

It maintains it’s protected self,

But in this it is entirely contracted.

Feel into the space holding this,

Holding you.

This space allows all that I am,

Holds all that you are, In every bit of imperfection…

Without judgement,

Without needing,

Without wanting,

Without any desire to change the identity,

It is only present to love you,

As absolutely unconditionally in love as you!

© Julia Stolk

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