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Walking You Home...

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Arriving to me.

The changing tides,

Pull me along,


I don’t know,

But this time,

I am going to enjoy the ride.

I am going to sit back and simply enjoy.

So many moments lost to the shrinking,

Hiding from what might be,

From the needing for certainty.

But there is no certainty here,

There is only living,

In this moment,

I am alive,

I am free,

I am supported.

The understanding that those footsteps you hear,

They are not mine,

They are those that carry me.

I have never been alone,

I have never been lost,

I have never been unworthy.

The seeking of the mind for individuation,

Divisive action,

Forgot to see that which held it,

Which has always been here,


Softening and offering that for which you were ready.

All in its offer to refine, remind and remember.

The you which has always been you,

The essential matter of your mattering.

To rest,

In this that is uncertain,

Offers that which requires no effort,

Offers to carry your load,

Will you say yes?

Will you sit back?

Will you enjoy the ride?

Can you trust that the ride is simply that…

A journey that is walking you home.

Julia Stolk ©

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