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This Time...

A river of water floods me, runs over

Me as I stand feet in place, soil

Drawing me in with nowhere to

Go, I stand feet in deep, the water

Runs in and through, washing over me,

I am again whole? It reminds me of where I

Have been and what I have seen, and tells

Me I can no longer be that. I can not

Be that which forgot to see her own

Beauty, hear her own voice, sing her own song.

I can no longer be that! For today I remember, she

Remembers, that this time is her time. Her

Time to return to this, her call that was always

True but had to be denied, had to be hidden,

To be forgotten. But today she remembers

Who she is. As the water, like roots her feet draw

In and up. It fills her. It cleanses her, Purified

From a spell of diminishing until existence is

Forgotten. Her eyes open. Her heart beats.

Her tears fall. And she can feel them. Today she

Can feel them. Today she is born.

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