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The Noticing in Stillness

If I am honest, the uncertainty of life has been distracting me as of late, taking me out of my stillness. The uncertainty pulling at my attention, asking to be heard, asking for real listening and acknowledgement. And if I am honest, it feels challenging, there simply is too much here. So much just in every day life. And then to arrive in to the world in the knowing of all that is unfolding. There is a demand on many of us, like we are being required to open, to sit with what challenges us, to sit with what matters. And in this lies the question, do you have the courage to be you? Do you have the courage to arrive to this world, as you, mattering? For some of us, this is the point in the story that we will go to sleep, disconnect. And there is no judgement in this, there is in fact an understanding, we may not yet be ready. The sleep is our time for recovery, of reckoning in our dreams, of refining and rewilding. And for some of us, this is the point of the story we become awake. We rise! It is not easy. It requires courage. And it is not meant to be done alone. This is where we are reminded, I am reminded, that in the mattering, it is the mirroring of the other. It is in relation that I am heard, I am met with listening and acknowledgement. I matter. So I ask myself and you that may resonate with this. Can you stay curious in this uncertainty? Can you rest in the uncertainty whilst you are awake?

I will leave you with the words of Mary Oliver, an incredibly beautiful poet, as well as my facebook live meditation post from this past week. Much love and continued kindness in the remembering, the mattering, the sleeping and the waking.

"For some things, there are no wrong seasons.

And that is what i dream of for me."

Julia Stolk (c)

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