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The Integration of Somatic Inquiry into a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session?

Somatic Inquiry – a way to connect with the deep wisdom of your body and strengthen your capacity to trust in its guidance.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - a trust in your body’s inherent wisdom to heal.

Julia began integrating these two modalities early in her BCST career. At first, it was simply a way to engage the client with their mind and body through the invitation of intuitively offered questions of inquiry into the present moment experience on the table. And over time, there was a noticing that this integration had grown into a practice; one of guiding the client to listen more deeply to their mind, body and spirit connection, allowing them to become more gently and honestly present.

What does a session of BCST integrating Somatic Inquiry look like? It’s an invitation to arrive more into presence, and slowly meet and begin to integrate the parts in you that have been abandoned, neglected or rejected, as you learn to love yourself through a gentle hands on approach with intuitively timed questions. This work is an invitation to meet, feel, hold and heal your wounds and negative self-beliefs. The negative core beliefs you may have about yourself, such as “I’m unworthy” or “the world is an unsafe place”; the beliefs that drive your unconscious behaviour, thoughts and feelings. The more unconscious and intense your negative core beliefs, the more this filter distorts your experience and prevents you from being able to discern the truth of a situation. Using a combination of intuition and inquiry and listening to the body’s inherent treatment plan, Julia can guide you using an energetic mind, body, spirit approach that helps you to come home to the beautifully perfected heart you forgot to see.

This work is for you if:

*you long to be fully you

*you have identified that there has to be something more than what you are currently living

*you long to let go of patterns, conditions, beliefs that you sense no longer serve you

*you recognize that your body holds the score

*you long for connection and acknowledgement

*you have a sense of a deficient self that keeps you small, such as the following limiting beliefs that say: I am unlovable, I am wrong, I am unworthy, I don’t matter, I’m worthless, I’m inadequate

*you know you can heal

*you are ready and willing to work deeply to move toward the life you want to live

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