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Thank you morning...

It’s been awhile. A long while since I have written. Been dancing in and amongst responsibilities, learning how to play, remembering how to sing, trusting to let go. And here we are, another fall arriving. This one more beautiful then I can remember a fall being in maybe ever. The sun brilliant, the skies clear, the air so warm, t-shirts and shorts and even bathing suits still easily donned. And gratitude, so much. Grateful to all that this year has brought to me. New love. New insights. New friends. And still the essence of this remains. The truth of this life being a journey. There is always a call home, a return, to the simplicity that meets me every morning, and ends each day with me. The contemplation of the steps that have been taken, consciously and unconsciously, to get here. And had different steps been taken, different choices tolerated, would this moment meet me in the same manner that it does now? The simplicity of waking with a kind human who has made my coffee so it is waiting for my first steps out of slumber. The simplicity of furry creatures waiting for their bellies to be filled. The simplicity of the quiet of morning waiting to just be enjoyed. I am grateful for simplicity today. I am grateful that this morning, I am reminded that while there is so much on offer to become distracted by, this mind turns to appreciate what’s right in front of it. Thank you morning, for bringing me the light. Thank you!

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