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Presence of Being...

This morning, I opened my e-mails to find an invitation from someone quite dear to me. The invite was to watch a video named “Presence of Being”. I deeply trust this person, so clicked on the link and was invited into 11 minutes of a beautiful reflection by a sweet human sharing his story of meeting the beauty of life, even though he had experienced significant wounding as a child at school. His words that resonate for me…

“We just need to let go of the wounds, when you’re ready, when it’s your time. Then it becomes your journey, your gift. I did a lot of work to heal that little boy so he doesn’t leave, and to hold on to him, because he’s the one that sees the world with wonder.”

And I write this with full awareness that some of us have been wounded so deeply, it is hard to imagine that there is any way through. I acknowledge that, and say yes, it may feel too much. And I do have a sense, from my own journey, and those who have invited me to support them through their healing journeys, that it can be possible when we are ready and when the time is right. When the readiness and rightness of timing arrives, I can not say, but there is much grace in the arriving to that moment.

My own journey has been one of significant challenges and wounding. There were moments I was not sure I could find the way through, and somehow, perhaps by the hand of grace or for some a god/goddess or deity, friend or family member, a hand reached out and offered to take me that one more step to remind me that I was not alone and that I mattered.

And this hand can look many ways! It can be a direct message from spirit or another human walking beside us. It can be a pet, a friendly passerby smiling. It may be a noticing of the stars or the moon, a reflection or remembering that we are seen, we are not alone. It can be some kind of act of kindness, someone going out of their way and doing something that reminds us we are seen, or a glimpse of the beauty of life reflected in a rainbow or the hoot of an owl or the falling of the rain.

I am grateful. I am grateful for the experiences that have shaped me. Yes there are places that still hurt. There are places that I hold sadness, anger, frustration and/or pain. And I do not want them to define me. I want to walk with the remembering of the invitation to notice and experience the beauty of this life. And I want to share the beauty of this life. I want to laugh and love and fall into the awe and wonder of this world I am walking. I want to walk with the eyes of my little girl that reminds me to see the world with wonder. And if I can stay present, if I can stay open, with the allowance of that part of me, the young one that needs my hand, I trust that we can walk together with a loving heart toward life. And walk in awe and wonder.

If you are interested in watching the video, here is the link...

And if you are interested in working with me, reach out. I would be honoured to walk beside you at

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