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Matrix Integration Exploration 2023

Remembering the Depth of our Inner Voices: an exploration of building capacity with shadow and trusting abundance

Starts March 26th, 2023

You may know the depths of despair, but it’s also possible to know the depths of abundance. The latter will take a while, and it may seem counterintuitive. Be with others. Let yourself be guided. You will be shown the way. Abundance will see you through. –A love letter from mySelf to myself Lisa Meuser, Co-creator of Integrative Healing and Matrix Integration

This Exploration is for you if:

*You crave to experience more of your own light

*You are ready to move from a life of scarcity, deprivation and fear

*You desire to get intimate with your shadow, and no longer be afraid of its darkness

Why now?

*The hunger for abundance won’t let you be

*You are ready to trust, and let others support and grow with you

*You desire something new- to level up

*You have a sense that there is a way, and are ready to discover that way

On the journey of living a chosen, empowered life, we are required to be in integrity. While this can often be challenging, because we live in a denialist culture that is rooted in blame and avoidance, it is the most sane and expansive way to live.

Having community makes it easier, because we quickly realize that we’re not alone in this journey- that others are also on a path of deepening. We are a tribal species, designed to learn, grow and evolve together: being in community ushers forth new possibility and changes everything in our quest to know liberation. We become well connected, together, in Matrix Integration Exploration- and that changes everything.

What We’ll Learn:

In this Exploration you will learn how to tap into a field of abundance that is always here, that is always sustaining us, and that never runs out. But first, we will learn how to slow down. We cannot truly receive support, support others, or know and love ourselves until we experientially learn that we are safe to slow down in presence.

As we learn this, we will discover that slowing down is necessary in disrupting the violence and oppression within our own psyches, with our clients, as well as in this world. This is transformational work, and you will have a community of practice to support you along the way.

You will be supported throughout our eight months together via:

  • 16 (60-90 minute) private 1:1 sessions which will model the transformative power of Presence, Compassion and Curiosity. (Two per month, one with me, and one with Lisa Meuser)

  • Personal email and text exchanges with us will provide personal support as needed.

  • 12 or more group live gatherings (all group calls will be recorded, which will be yours to review as resonates) ranging from 60 to 120 minutes. Please email for a complete list of dates/times.

  • Support staff and guest teachers, some of whom are Remember Institute master teachers to augment your learning and practicing.

  • Book, audio, and video selections which center transformative voices. We will study them together to enhance our deepening.

  • A social media platform off Facebook with which to connect with your peers and engage in your practices


A sliding scale option is utilized, based on what you can afford: $3,500- $4,500. Those who pay the full rate will allow the funding of scholarships. a $500 deposit is required. Payment arrangements can be set up. To facilitate exponential growth and learning, this Exploration will be limited to 20 participants. Now is the time to bring profound possibility into your life.

If you are curious about the Matrix Integration Exploration, please contact Lisa ( or me ( directly. And for more information

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