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Inquiry & Somatic Wednesday...

Sunday morning I had a thought that if I create my reality, what is the thing keeping me from dreaming wildly - immediate response fear and fatigue. And as synchronicity would have it, Monday morning I received a message from a dear friend reminding me that we create our reality. And then to continue that thread, I received yet another a message from a video shared by Dr. Benjamin Hardy, speaking on guess what…we create our reality. So after 3 hits, it seems I am meant to pay attention. I am being told very clearly to consider that my reality is created by my own self. And as I inquired in, I considered, has my commitment to my healing path, potentially kept me turning toward a past that may be impacting the unfolding of my future?

In the video Dr. Benjamin shared, that in order to create a change in the way our future unfolds, we need to take the following 3 steps.

1. We have to complete the incomplete loops of our past - places of unfinished conversations, traumas still hurting, negative thinking. We have to clear our “life” cup in order to empty it, so that we may create space for new possibilities.

2. We have to look at our life and be honest about where we place our attention. And then goes on to offer that 80% of our current self does not serve our future self; that this 80% is what keeps us repeating our past. So the ask? Take a serious accounting of your life. Allow that which does not serve you to be released, and focus your awareness on those people, places and things that elicit a hell yes. This is what truly serves your future self.

3. And now that your cup is empty, or at least has more space, start learning new things, upgrade. Talk using generative language. Talk about where you are going, instead of where you are or have been. Instead of I’m going to a job I hate and living into that default. Perhaps acknowledge you’re unhappy with your job and that you’re looking into upgrading or re-training or trying something else that would bring you more into a future self that serves. A future self that lives a life of a hell yes!

It makes a lot of sense to me. That everything is possible. That we create our future in our thinking. I am recognizing that I have done a lot of work; I have done a lot of healing/clearing. And now I want to return to my future self. I am feeling like I am moving toward a readiness to start dreaming wildly into my future. To start creating. I want to look at the loops I’ve been stuck in, actually address them, and then let them be in the past instead of continuing to allow them to create my future. And then I will have more blank space on my canvas to start dreaming my reality into existence.

And if this is something you are ready to explore, to release the stories of the past that are keeping your future self reliving it’s past self on loop, and you have a desire to empty in order to create space to dream into your future? Send me a message and let's chat on how I might walk beside you into your dreaming.

"Be public about your future self and you’ll immediately stop being consistent with your past." - Dr. Benjamin Hardy

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