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Without the Other...

This is a post I shared last week on FaceBook about my experience of meeting with a friend after an extended period of time. It feels as relevant today as it did in that moment.

Yesterday I met a friend online. She only lives a five-minute drive away, but I haven’t seen her or spoken with her since she left last summer for a trip with her sweet family to explore faraway lands. What struck me, was the emotion and weeping in our re-meeting. The remembering of the sweetness of her friendship, the remembering that was held in the space of connection and heart. I was reminded, that as we sit in our containers of safety and protection of self and others in this time of Covid, which do not get me wrong, I am not dismissing as anything less than necessary in this moment of shared story, but what I saw was my own need to reconnect. I was met with my remembering of my humanness that wants to be met in this remembering of our collective story. We are not alone in this, as we in our place and time of culture and custom have been illusioned to believe, disguised as freedom of the individual in the landscape of anthropocentric thinking. We are in fact in this together, we are a collective, and we need each other. We need to be held by eyes that reflect our own pain, our own longing to be seen, to be held, to be loved. And we need the other, that which is otherworldly to walk with us as well. We are being called to remember this, that which is not seen through the lens of the mind, but what is remembered in the heart of the soul’s wisdom. We are being asked to remember the other, because without the other, there is no I, because without the other I would not be seen.

May today grace you with a generative gaze that reminds you of your beautifully perfected heart!!!

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