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Heart Seeing

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

So much of everything and nothing here this morning. The question comes, is it a choosing of where the attention is placed that is the everything or the nothing? And then a noticing, there is a natural resting, a natural choosing that finds nothing. The orientation to the heart mind. Where does the complication arise, where does the confusion arise, where does the one who is the chooser reside when the everything of the mind takes over? The mind has all kinds of offerings if you listen, but what if you were to just simply, on the invitation of the breath to drop the attention into the space of the heart. You may even want to place your hand over your physical heart to find a physical orientation/marker for your mind. Just pause here. Take the time to take a few slow, intentional breaths, inviting the breath to arrive more slowly, and more fully into the body. Notice how as the breath arrives, in this less hurried fashion, how the body responds. Is there a softening, a sense of a more relaxed, open system? Just simply notice, without any need to label or interpret, and follow the breath to the space of the physical heart. When the breath brings your attention to the heart, allow your focus to be soft, and breathe from here. Instead of the focus on the breath moving from the nose or mouth, focus on the breath moving from this place of the heart, in the orientation to where the breath rises and falls. Spend time here. Again staying open, staying curious, and witness. Notice what shows up here. Notice what is showing up in your field of awareness. Thoughts? Feelings? Sensations? Can you, for this exact moment, and maybe even the next few, simply allow a noticing without the attention moving to follow? And notice, is there a change in how these are perceived from this place of heart seeing? Spend time here today. You can do this at any moment of your day. And if you would like to share, or a question arises, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you. Much love and kindness, Julia

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