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Today let’s talk about Animal, Insect and Bird Messages. Have you ever wondered why there is an animal, insect and bird showing up in your dream life or your wakeful life? Have you ever wondered if there might be a message that is being offered to you? Have you ever wondered what your Power Animal might be?

And if you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve taken this idea into consideration. Moreover, you’ve felt an instinct that this animal, insect or bird has a message for you. That is, of course, an entirely personal matter, and you can ask, “does this animal, insect or bird have a message." Sometimes it’s just an animal crossing your path, sometimes it’s just a bug buzzing around you or a bird flying by, and sometimes it’s an opportunity for contemplation and reflection. You decide.

And for me, I have been exploring this more, keeping this exact thing on my radar, and it is always so interesting what I have been offered when paying attention.

In the month of October, Crane Fly kept showing up so I decided to look up the symbolism of such visits. Message - Crane Fly wants you to live purposefully. It encourages you to absorb the teaching of Mother Nature and to enjoy life to the fullest. And then this weekend, an orange Ladybug has been making appearances inside my house. Meaning - orange Ladybug symbolizes hopes and dreams, and if you’re seeing them it's a good sign that your hopes are not out of reach.

Let me know what animal, insect or bird messages you have been receiving as of late. Would love to know what you’re being told at this time.

And if this is something you would like to explore more, or are interested in deepening your relationship with Animal, Insect and Bird Spirit, contact me to explore connecting with your Power or Healing Guides.

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Taura Vigers
Taura Vigers
Nov 04, 2022

I love the post about animals in our lives. Two weeks into a medical stress leave from work a beautiful raven quite literally walked into my home. He hung out for a while, perched on my sofa, watching me. I took some pictures and then quietly spoke to him. Then when I opened other doors for him to more easily escape, he walked out leisurely, watching me the whole time. I since learned from a First Nations friend that ravens symbolize deep change, the need to go into the dark before coming into the light. I will never ever forge that incredible, timely visit.

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