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What is offered through a Soul Guide & Energy Healing Session (In Person/Online)

A soul guide & energy healing session can be hugely beneficial.  Julia has learned to listen to her Ancestor and Healing Guides and can share wisdom to refresh your perspectives and help you look at a situation differently. Her guides can give guidance that is free of fear, judgment, and expectations, and can even share energetic transformation in your subtle body. Julia can call upon her guides to cut cords, balance chakras and transmute denser vibrations through energy healing sessions or spirit journeys. A session can either be in person or distance.  A distance healing can start with either a phone contact or Zoom/Skype meeting, and then the session can be either done live or sent as a recording.


“It is such a joy to be able to talk comfortably about my life & my spiritual practices. I fondly remember us discussing the significance of creating harmony between our Earthly Selves & Higher Selves & recognizing the sacredness of both. Most profoundly, you acted as conduit of communication between myself and my first Spirit Baby. You felt her join us during our session, accepted the reality of our bond & allowed her to speak through you. I'd been denying the depth of my feelings for years because I'd never been physically pregnant. The opportunity to validate my experience, find closure & release the grief I felt over her loss allowed me to grow the space in my heart & womb to welcome the current Spirit Baby who was hanging around & I believe this healing played a huge role in how easily I was able to conceive several months later.” A.G, BC

What is a Spirit Journey

Most cultures of the world have practiced their own version of journey work, weaving their own unique ways of explaining and facilitating the relationship and boundaries between ordinary reality, our day to day life, and the spirit world. Journeying is a kind of meditation, combined with focused intention, to enter an expanded state of consciousness. 


A spiritual journey is a very individual and intimate quest to consciously deepen into insight about life. Some of the reasons people choose to explore spiritual journeys:


*you feel a little ‘lost’ in life

*you have gone through a big trauma

*you are looking for some clarity on what to do about a difficult situation

*to reconnect with your inner self

*to connect with your healing spirits and/or benevolent ancestors

*to gain insight into an issue you want to know more about

*to access personal help and healing

*to find ways to restore balance


As a Medicine Carrier in my maternal lineage and with the benefit of my clairsentience, claircognizance, intuition and channelling, I work with my Wise Grandmothers and Healing Guides to support you in the following ways to bridge the worlds between you and your guides in the other realms, and find the medicine to bring you home to who you are:


Power Animal Retrieval - discover your animal guides. It is believed that every human has a Power Animal at their side, protecting and assisting them and acting as a spirit guide of sorts.


Plant Spirit and Other Helping Spirits Retrieval - discover your plant Spirit guides and other Spirit helpers. Like the Power Animal, most people have helping spirits.


Pattern Collapse - work through deep rooted patterned beliefs; it takes a lot of our energy to maintain patterns in our lives that thwart us, sabotage us or generally disempower us.


Person Rituals & Elemental Prescriptions from Spirit - building altars, daily gratitude practice, meditation, and whatever Spirit gives as a prescription for you


Soul Retrieval/Soul Remembering - available for soul, physical body, land, building, and other physical spaces to regain lost or misplaced parts of you/essence lost from beliefs or trauma and regain a sense of purpose and well-being.


Ancestral Work - meet your ancestor guide for support and/or to help address long-standing patterns, family dynamics or inherited issues for healing


“You brought back pieces of me (soul retrieval). You held my hand and guided me to meet my first ancestral guide (a grandmother). Thank you." B.W.


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